HOWTO: Galep5 programmer and FreeBSD

Poul-Henning Kamp
Revision $Id: Galep5.html,v 1.2 2011/06/01 13:32:50 phk Exp $

1.  Install Linux-o-lator compatibility packages

At least these two are necessary:


More may be needed, but if so, my system already had them installed
due to other Linux-o-lator programs.

2.  Load Ethernet over USB device driver

Manually, when you want to use the programmer:

        kldload cdce

Automatically at boot:

        to /boot/loader.conf

3.  Teach devd(8) a couple of tricks

Create /etc/devd/galep5.conf, containing:

        notify 1000 {
                match "system"  "USB";
                match "vendor"  "0x1c12";
                match "product" "0x0001";
                action "/usr/sbin/usbconfig -d $ugen set_config 1";

        attach 1000 {
                match "device-name" "^cdce[0-9]*";
                match "vendor"  "0x1c12";
                match "product" "0x0001";
                action "/sbin/ifconfig ue$interface";

4.  Check connectivity

Plug in the Galep5 and wait for the red LED to light.  This takes
around a minute or so.

Ping Galep5 to verify reachability:


Do not proceed until the Galep5 responds.

If this IP# is inconvenient for you, it is possible to change the
"167" part of that IPaddress using the supplied software (see below),
but not the other three bytes.  If you change it, you will obviously
have to change the /etc/devd/galep5.conf file accordingly.

5.  Install Galep5 software

As root:

        download til /tmp

        mkdir -p /opt/galepX
        chown $someuser /opt/galepX

As $someuser:

        cd /tmp
        # The next two steps may not be necessary if whatever bug
        # prevents the script from finding is fixed in the future:
        cd data
        # Notice symlink to /usr/bin/galepX fails, ignore that.

6.  Run the Galep5 software

(kldload cdce if necessary, see step 2 above)

As $someuser:

        cd /opt/galepX