VML Work 2011-03ΒΆ

Date Hours Description
2011-03-02 6h IMS patch, ttl/grace unification
2011-03-07 6h IMS/streaming integration
2011-03-08 6h IMS/streaming integration
2011-03-09 2h Various nitpickery
2011-03-10 2h Various nitpickery
2011-03-11 2h grace bug, vsm race
2011-03-12 3h vsm race, gzip leak
2011-03-14 6h bugs, bugs, egg and bugs
2011-03-15 6h finding 1-byte chunks responsible
2011-03-15 6h gzip/esi forensics
2011-03-21 2h bug-wash
2011-03-22 5h split cnt_fetch()
2011-03-24 7h move Chunked encoding into WRW
2011-03-25 3h streaming
2011-03-28 6h bugs, bugwash and more bugs
2011-03-29 3h more gzip debugging
2011-03-30 4h more debugging
2011-03-31 8h more debugging
Total 83h