End of European Loran-C transmissions

With the end of 2015 the european Loran-C stations all shut down, here are some snapshots of what VLF Looks like from Denmark on the first day of 2016.

Anthorn 6731 slave


I guess the english Loran-C station is running fashionably late, even though they did announce it would be shut down.

Russian Chayka chain (GRI=8000)


Saudi chain (GRI=8830)


I’ve never been able to lock this, but the signal is clearly there (after the red marker dot)

VLF from 0-200 kHz


The big loran-hump at 100kHz is gone.

Here is how it looked some years ago:


Rugby timesignal at 60 kHz


DCF77 timesignal at 77.5 kHz


Russian “ALPHA” navigation


DCF6NM’s Loran-C view

Screen-shot from DCF6NM’s LORAN-C grabber:


Notice the test-transmissions from Wildwood in USA.