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Poul-Henning Kamp
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From time to time I stumble on an interesting spot on the web, here are some of them...


CIA runs something called Center for studies of intelligence" which has some quite interesting stories which (supposedly) are from the real world. Browse around and find out how it felt to be one of the hostages in the US embassy in Theran or what happened when the Soviets picked the U2 out of the air.

Degreee of Confluence Project

Q: What do you get when you ask people to take pictures of places where longitude and lattitude lines cross ?
A: A statistical sampling of ourplanet and some interesting insights into the weird and slightly disturbing ways your tax-money is being used.

And yes, Been there, didn't quite make it.

If you think I'm mad about timekeeping

...then just see what some of the other time-nuts are up to. Tom for instance has the worlds largest collection of privately owned hydrogen masers (he has three, nobody else has any). There's John Ackerman, Brooke Clarke, Doug Hogarth and quite a few others who are all worse than me, or at least have more money to spend on it than me.

The madness of atomic weapons

I'm a keen student of the atomic cold war madness, it facinates me because I grew up in the cold war, at the edge of the western side.

Chuck Hansen's Swords of Armageddon is the ultimate reference. The Bulletin is the grand old magazine(the one with the clock). And the Federation of American Scientists has an interesting archive too. George Dysons account of his fathers involvement in the atomic bomb propelles space-ship is no less staggering. Fortunately something were done to prevent too many accidents.

Ohh, and speaking of atomics, did you know that The Davis-Besse atomic powerplant almost had a major accident but because a 1/4 inch stainless steel cladding performed a miracle the press doesn't need to report on it ?

Books, art, music etc.

I use Amazon's wish-list facilityfor tracking books I want to read some day. (Donations gladly accepted of course :-)

Terry Pratchets "discworld" takes an entirely new dimension with Paul Kidby's illustrations.

A really interesting Danish band and the most boring one are both amongst my favourites.

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