FreeBSD on Soekris hardware

Poul-Henning Kamp
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About the Soekris hardware and this page.

Søren Kristensens company Soekris Engineering produces a range of computers aimed at the embedded device market.

On this page I collect information, tips, ideas and other wisdom about putting FreeBSD on the soekris computers.

Information, links, useful ideas etc. are all more than welcome, email me! If you really want to make it easy for me: send me diffs against the HTML page or entire new HTML pages.


Stuff which pertains to all the NET4xxx models we have seen so far.


The NET4501, NET4511 and NET4521 all use the same central chip, the AMD ElanSC520, and are therefore treated the same.

Random bits of information:


The NET4526 is a smaller version of the 4501 with less features and a few new ones.


The NET4801 uses the National Semiconductor SC1100 Geode CPU and a PC87366 SuperI/O. AMD has recently bought the Geode product line from NatSemi, so look to their web-page for manuals.

If you put a disk in your NET4801, check the temperature with the env4801 program below and consider using "smartmontools" from the ports collection to check the disks temperature. Some of the modern high-performance 2.5" disk get can get pretty hot.

Random bits of information:


The NET4826 is a smaller version of the 4801 with less features and a few new ones.


Gregory Neil Shapiro, for FreeBSD 4-stable info.

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