20141221 – Preview release on github

I have just pushed the first preview release to github:

Have at it.

There are some things in there which I have not talked about here yet, the time-varying PLL parameters, the NTP packet filter, and probably some other bits which escapes my mind after this full-weekend crash-session (I did say “before X-mas” didn’t I ? :-) so have fun spelunking.

Please let me know, by email to <phk@Ntimed.org>, of any bugs, mistakes, portability issues, patches etc. etc.

There are 27 source files, each starting with a 25 line block-comment with the 2-clause BSD license. If we ignore those 675 lines of boiler-plate, there are 3658 source-lines of relevance.

I’ve tested on FreeBSD/amd64 and Debian/armv7l.