No, I am not anti-semitic

I will readily admit that it was probably not my most skilled use of Twitter, but I stand by my point, and since expressing a nuanced and full formed opinion takes more than a tweet, it goes here.

Racism and bigotry can both be summarized as hating or critizing a group of people for what they are, no matter if they are handicapped, colored, homosexual, red-haired or stupid.

Nobody should be hated because of how, or for that matter where, they were born.

Anti-semitism is the specific variant of racism where jews are being hated for being jews, and it is just as, and this bears stressing: Just as, not more and not less wrong, than any other kind of racism.

While racism is never OK, it is perfectly OK, and infact entirely proper to criticize a group of people for what they choose to do, or more often choose not to do, in particular when the subject is gross violations of UNs Declartion of Basic Human Rights.

I am frankly disgusted that the citzens and residents of USA has not disposed of their government for separating immigrant babies and toddlers from their parents and subsequently loosing track of them.

That however, does not make me “Anti-american”.

I am equally disgusted about what the management and employees in the fossil fuel industry does to our biosphere.

That does not make me “Anti-Business” or “Anti-geophysical”

Israel is a nuclear-armed racist apartheid state, who steals their neighbors lands and kills people as if they were vermin, and they justify these policies with the jewish religion.

Saying that does not make me anti-semitic.

I also belive that jews everywhere in the world should be appaled and up in arms over the atrocities against UNs Human Rights being done in the name of their religion, and I detest the vast silent majority of them, who fail to do so.

Saying that does not make me anti-semitic either.

In fact AIPAC, the largest jewish political lobbying organization in USA, has over 100.000 members, holds the US Congress in a head-lock and most recently tried to get a law passed which bans boycots of Israel. This should have jews all over the world up in arms too.

Saying that does not make me anti-semitic either.

But Israel has very effectively weaponized the charge of “anti-semitism” and indiscriminately fires it at anybody who dares point out that they are, in fact, a nuclear armed racist apartheid state who grossly violates UN Human Rights in the name of their religion.

So because of my tweet, which as I said was probably not my most artful expression, right now everybody and their uncle is being “informed” that I am anti-semitic, and that I should be censured in the strongest possible way for that.

I trust these people and associates to make their own judgement about my character and my political convictions.

phk /2019-05-09